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Hadise's Music Career

Let's take a look at the music career of Hadise, one of Turkey's most important pop artists, who has not fallen from the magazine's agenda. Hadise, who was born in Belgium and is of Turkish origin, takes the first step of her career in a song contest in Belgium.

Although he did not achieve the success he wanted in the competition, he manages to attract attention that he makes his debut in 2005 with the album "Sweat". With the song "Stir Me Up" in the album, she is becoming known both in Turkey and Belgium.

The event, which reached a certain fan base in Turkey in a short time, represented Turkey at Eurovision in 2009. Hadise, who had a difficult Eurovision process, finished the competition in 4th place.

Hadise, who was adopted by the Turkish people after her success in Eurovision, continues her music career in Turkey.

He is releasing the song "Deli Oğlan" signed by Sezen Aksu in those years. Hadise, who achieved great success with the song "Deli Oğlan", crowns her success with the album "Kahraman".

After 2 years, Hadise comes out with the album "Aşk Kaç Beden Giyer?" In this album, Hadise signals that your career is approaching its Golden Ages with 3 hit songs such as "Aşk Kaç Beden Giyer, Mesajımı Almıştır O," and "Supermen".

She continues her music career without slowing down with the songs "Biz Burdayız" in 2012 and "Visal" in 2013.

In 2014, he releases the album "Tavsiye", which consists of 11 songs. The clip he shot for the song "Prenses" in the album is the most watched clip in his career.

Hadise, who is also a jury member in O Ses Türkiye, becomes the champion in 2017 with her competitor Dodan.

In honor of this championship, he brings his album “Şampiyon” together with his fans that year. The songs in the album, Şampiyon, Sıfır Tolerans, Farkımız Var, reach millions of listens.

Especially since the song Sıfır Tolerans has been making a big splash. Since the love scenes in the clip are too many, the broadcasting of the clip on television is prohibited by RTÜK. The banning of her clip must have upset Hadise so much that she talks about the banning of her clip after she received the award at the Golden Butterfly Award Ceremony. “I think love, hugs and kisses are the most beautiful and normal feelings in the world, music and art mean freedom. May the award come to all women whose lives are restricted.”

In 2019, she is releasing the song "Geliyorum Yanına" written by Gülşen in collaboration with Fanta.

In 2020, Hadise tends towards emotional songs rather than moving songs, and one of those songs is "Küçük Bir Yol", which she calls the song of my life. As soon as the song is released, it manages to enter the trends in many platforms and countries.

Having achieved great success with the song "Küçük Bir Yol", Hadise is releasing the EP "Aşka Kapandım" in 2021. In it, Yildiz is shooting a black and white emotional clip for the song "Olsun", which he received from Tilbe.

The year 2021 is full of events for the event, Aşka Kapandım releases the song "Hay Hay" on June 18, right after her EP.

Hadise's, whose many songs she released during the year were hits, is also the winner of the "Best Female Artist" award of the golden butterfly award ceremony.

When we come to the year 2022, O Ses is publishing the song "İmdat" with Rapper Murda, where he is a jury member together in Turkish Rap. Although the song is very liked by a section, a section also does not like the song

After this successful collaboration, Hadise is releasing her single "Feryat" in 2023. The song, which attracts attention with its lyrics and music video, is taking its place on the charts in a short time.

After the success of the help song, Hadise and Murda are rolling up their sleeves for a new collaboration. 1 Month after Hadise released "Feryat", Murda and 2. They are releasing the song "Sen Dönene Kadar", which is a collaboration. The song starts to rise on the charts in a short time and Hadise becomes the first female singer to enter the Spotify Turkey Top 50 list with two songs in the same month. (Feryat enters the list at the same time as her song)

Hadise, who had a lot of songs waiting in his hands, was the subject of curiosity by his fans when he would release his songs. We will be waiting for Hadise's new songs like everyone else.

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